• Fast Setup

    Just sign up and install the app
    to begin offering Calcubot
    to your members within minutes.

  • Engaging

    Your visitors have something
    valuable to interact with
    when visiting your fan page.

  • Shareable

    Users can share your Calcubot
    with their friends
    with a single click.

  • Lead-Generator

    Calcubot collects contact info
    and drives prospects
    to your loan application form.

Powerful features
  • Reports

    Your sales team can access usage and contact information reports to spot and reach out to potential loan applicants.

  • Savings Alerts

    Calcubot pulls your lowest interest rates every night and notifies your users when it finds potential savings for them, helping to drive more prospects to your organization.

  • Secure & Private

    We have implemented several layers of security that protect your data from accident or attack. And we will never share, rent or sell it to anyone.

  • Affordable

    For most financial institutions, Calcubot is available for under $125 per month.

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